Tuesday – July 5 – Sawyer Reeves

July 5, 2022

Today was a very eye opening and humbling day. The first village we traveled to was the village of Alamon, also know as Pastor John’s village. When we arrived, kids ran up to the bus to greet us along with Pastor John’ and his contagious smile. He then showed us around his upcoming home, which was a project greatly accredited to a previous group of players and Coach Hudak. It was awesome to see how grateful he was for Coach and his support. Next, we walked around and passed out food bags to some of the local families which was very rewarding. They were so grateful and welcoming. Before we left, Pastor John showed us one of the homes in the village. It was a very small building made of tin, with one room and a kitchen. There were 5 living there, none over the age of 18, and there was only one bed and they were cooking on the floor. The house was in very bad condition and I couldn’t believe that people lived there. When it rained outside, it was raining inside for those people. It was so eye opening.

Sawyer Reeves, #5
The Citadel

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