Tuesday – July 5 – Cam McNearny

July 5, 2022

This trip down to the Dominican Republic is my first time ever leaving the United States. I have never experience life outside of the suburbs let alone life in a third world country! Today on July 5th, we went to two different villages where I got to see first hand the life of the villages. It is breathtaking is so many ways. The Lord has a mysterious way of working and I truly love that. He is having me see things in beauty. The main thing about this trip that I have noticed is the happiness and pure joy that everyone has. It doesn’t matter their health, living condition, rain or shine, they have a smile on their face. It makes me realize how many times I take what I have for granted. Today, in the second village, we had the opportunity to build a bathroom for the Village’s church. Two local villagers helped us out. They worked on the bathroom with us for 3 hours strait in the heat with no complaints. They smiled and laughed and helped out team learn Spanish. Everybody in the village waves at us and hugs us and shares the joy! It is beautiful seeing how God brings them joy and how they are invested in The Lord! I am truly blessed to be on this trip! I can feel it helping me with my relationship with God!

Cam McNearney, #1
Birmingham Southern

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