Host Family Questionnaire

Please fill this form out in its entirety. Hosting a player for Kingsmen Baseball is a tremendous way to participate in our ministry. You will have a direct impact in the lives of the young men in our ministry and build friendships that will last a lifetime!
Spouse Name(Required)
Have you been a host family before?(Required)
How many team members would you be willing to host(minimum of two)?(Required)
Do you have any animals or pets?(Required)
Does any one in your home smoke?(Required)
Would there be space at your home to have extra vehicles?
Does your home have wireless internet access for the players?(Required)
Would you or a family member be willing to volunteer at home games? This is NOT a requirement to be a host family.(Required)

Thank you!

This is a tremendous opportunity for you to participate in our ministry and build relationships that will last a lifetime! We will follow up with you ASAP and if you have any questions please reach out to Joe Hudak at or 803.412.7982

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