— What They’re Saying About Kingsmen Baseball —

When I think of Kingsman Baseball this quote I love comes  to my mind: “ Your talent is God’s gift to you, and what you do with it is your gift to God!” I believe this quote epitomizes what Kingsmen Baseball embodies every day! I coached against Joe Hudak every year for 15 years. He is an amazing coach but an even better man of God whom I’d love to see my own grandsons play for. The Christian values, leadership skills, mentoring as well as gamesmanship and skill development received during their time with Kingsmen Baseball is “priceless.”

Gary Gilmore

Head Baseball Coach, Coastal Carolina University

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Joe Hudak for going on 29 years. We met at the beginning of my scouting career while he was the Head Coach at Winthrop University. Joe ran a first-class program and he certainly showed he cares about his players. What I’ve grown to know about Joe is this: he’s a better person than he is a baseball guy and he’s a top-notch baseball guy! He leads with his faith out front and certainly is an outstanding person to lead and coach young men.

Marlin McPhail

29-Year Major League Scout

The Kingsmen was so much more than a typical collegiate summer team for me. Coach Hudak provided great instruction on the fundamentals of the game and playing the game the right way. Besides his vast baseball experience, he is a strong man of faith. The lessons he taught us all that summer still have an impact on me today.

Phillip Glasser

Indiana University, 2020 Kingsmen Player, Drafted in 2023 in tenth round by the Washington Nationals

Kingsman Baseball is a faith-based entity with no apologies for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Players involved in this organization play solid competition, get coached at a high level on the baseball field but more importantly learn how to be a great teammate and develop solid character traits. I’ve known Joe Hudak for over 30 years, and he has always used his love for baseball to share his faith and add value to young men.  I am excited for the young men who get the opportunity to be a part of this program and the impact the academy will have in their lives.

Rich Maloney

Head Baseball Coach, Ball State University

I played for the Kingsmen for two summers. I had a great experience. Coach Hudak is truly one of the best people I’ve ever known. From a baseball perspective, it helped me grow tremendously. The competitive experiences I had helped me grow on the field and be ready to play in school ball.

John Bakke

Morehead State, 2018 & 2019 Kingsmen Player

In Coach Joe Hudak, players will be blessed with a stellar combination of baseball knowledge, a heart for people in their personal walk with Jesus and spreading God’s Good News to a world in need.

Gary Randall

11-Year College Head Coach and 34-Year Major League Scout

The Kingsmen offered me the opportunity of a lifetime to play baseball in another country – the Dominican Republic. I will never forget my summer with Kingsmen Baseball.

Jonathan Embry

Liberty, 2016 Kingsmen Player, Drafted by Tampa Bay Rays in 2019

I was so happy my son, Phillip, had the opportunity to play for Coach Joe Hudak.  My brother and I both played for Joe in his early coaching years.  Like then, Coach had an in-depth knowledge of baseball, a strong passion to compete, and a deep love for Jesus Christ.  Phillip’s experience playing for Coach and his faith-based team had a positive impact on his baseball and personal life.

George Glasser

Father of Phillip Glasser, 2020 Kingsmen Player, 10th Round Draft Pick in 2023

Coach Joe Hudak and Kingsmen Baseball have had a huge impact on my life and my baseball career. I will always be grateful and remember the experiences, and what I learned both on and off the field with the Kingsmen Baseball.

Jake Wright

Coastal Carolina, 2017&2018 Kingsmen Player, Drafted by Pittsburgh Pirates in 2019

Kingsmen baseball is such as great way to impact others and a way to improve as a college player while traveling to some really cool places. I was an assistant with Coach Hudak for 3 years at Winthrop. He has a wealth of baseball experience and knowledge, and you will leave Kingsmen baseball a better player and even better person.

Scott Forbes

Head Coach, University of North Carolina

I wasn’t really ready to let go yet but when I looked at it, it seemed like a place I could be comfortable sending my son. It was also neat to watch John become more confident as a player and as someone who would speak about his faith. From a baseball perspective and a spiritual perspective, it’s hard to beat that kind of balanced experience.

Carolyn Bakke

Mother of John Bakke, 2018 & 2019 Kingsmen Player

I have known Coach Joe Hudak for 26 years. He is highly regarded both as an outstanding person who is faith based and an outstanding baseball person. He has passion for the development of people to reach their full potential. His detailed approach has produced players to be productive and viable citizens both on and off the field. If you want to be sure to maximize these traits you are in good hands with Joe Hudak.

Jay Matthews

National Scouting Crosschecker, Colorado Rockies, 26-Year Major League Scout

This summer has been the experience of a lifetime, and I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s inspired me to take more of a leadership role once I get back to college. I want to be more of a leader on the team and help others grow in faith.

Blake Bevis

Ball State University, 2023 Kingsmen Player

Kingsmen Baseball is a perfect fit for any baseball player who has a desire to blend their baseball and ministry skills together. I have known Coach Joe Hudak for over 15 years. He is a man of character and integrity. If you have a passion to play baseball and serve the Lord, then Kingsmen Baseball Academy is the organization for you.

Kevin Burrell

32-Year Major League Scout

Playing for the Kingsmen was an amazing experience. I learned a lot more from Coach Hudak than any other coach I have ever learned from. He’s a great guy and really was someone great to play for.

Nick George

Fairmont State University, 2023 Kingsmen Player

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