July 20 – Jack Austin

July 22, 2023

”Today we played a baseball game and then went to a very good seafood place. The team we faced was very talented, featuring a blend of players of all ages. The starting pitcher pitched in the bigs last year and was electric. Also, their infielders were probably 13 but incredible fielders. It was a great experience and we (thankfully)squeaked out a win behind some good pitching from Nick George and Blake Bevis and some timely at bats to end the game. After this, we enjoyed seafood by the ocean. My favorite part of this trip was our third game. We were playing a team that featured both 30 year olds and teenagers, but despite this they all gave it all they had. The field was very different in that there were no fences, there were people walking across the field, sponges for bases, and funny field dimensions. The cool field and the love the other team had for the game made the whole experience very enjoyable. We were just playing ball at its purest form. Afterwards, we handed out bibles and Coach told them about Jesus. It was cool to see that some of the players were seemingly already believers, as they cheered at certain points of Coach’s speech. I have really enjoyed both the mission work and baseball we have been able to play on this trip and am looking forward to the rest of it!”

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