July 20 – Nick George

July 22, 2023

Coming on this trip to the Dominican Republic has been such an amazing experience. We have done a lot of things in our time here like pass out food bags to villages, visit the boys and girls orphanages, paint Kike’s church, play good baseball, and most importantly grow spiritually with each other. Everyday we have two Bible Studies. One in the morning which is player led with just the team, and one at night where Coach Hudak leads us. And this the closest we have ever been! Out of everything we have done on this trip I would have to say that my favorite part has been playing and connecting with the kids. As I just graduated high school, a lot has been on my mind this summer about having to grow up and be an adult when I go off to college in the fall. Being down here with these kids has brought so much happiness to me on this trip that I wish to keep when we return home. These kids could have so much to worry about but instead they run around smiling ear to ear without a care in the world of what situation they are in. And I believe that is the way everyone should live, don’t worry about little stuff, be happy with what you have. Instead of acting like the smallest problem is the end of the world.

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