Wednesday – July 6 – Mathieu Curtis

July 6, 2022

Today was just a unforgettable experience. Today on July 6th we played Paulino Baseball Academy. All week from everyone we have heard that they will be the best team we will face down here. They were not wrong. After the game we gathered on the mound with Paulino. Coach Hudak told them about the story of Jesus. After, we got to pass out Spanish New Testament Bibles to everyone who wanted one. After the game our team was very exhausted. We traveled to the village of El Penon. Coach Hudak told us we will be playing with the kids and dropping off food in the church. Our team flipped a switch when we got on the field. It was like a wave of new found energy. These kids were so happy to see us. It was very eye opening to see how much fun these kids have playing baseball with not the greatest equipment. We even met a kid named Justin who was 9 years old. Justin was Zach and I personal translator. We set up some games and just had fun. It was a very hard good bye. We had a send off dance party. All of us got into a big circle and went crazy. Such a awesome experience!

Mathieu Curtis,, #19
USC Upstate

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