Saturday, July 3 – Tyler Baker

July 3, 2021

Tyler Baker, Shortstop
Winthrop University

“Saturday was an unforgettable experience getting to travel to the Paulino baseball academy in San Pedro. The players came from all types of different backgrounds and most of the players were 14-17 years old. It was incredible that one of the players was already signed to the Yankees for 3.8 million dollars and he was only 16. Getting to see how they played the game was something I’ll never forget. I thought I was a good shortstop until seeing how good all of their hands were on the field. While it was kind of hard to talk to the players considering the language barrier, we were still able to share a few laughs on the field. After the game we all gave the players bibles while Coach Hudak and Kike shared the word of God to the players. One thing that was kind of sad was hearing about how Mr Paulino charged each player 45% of their contract. My mother and grandmother were able to come to the game as well and sat with many of the little kids sitting around. It broke my heart my mother telling me that the kids were asking her to bring them back to America with her. It really makes me feel for how these kids live here. It makes me appreciate what we have back home. I couldn’t imagine asking someone to take me home with them because of how bad my living conditions were. After taking this trip I know that this will not be my last time here. My work here is not done, these kids have already impacted my life just in the 3 days that we have been here. I am looking forward to see what else God has for us here in the Dominican.”

-Tyler Baker, #11

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