Friday, July 2 – Scottie Lee

July 2, 2021

Scottie Lee, First Baseman
Mars Hill University

“My name is Scottie Lee. I am a rising senior at Mars Hill University. I play first base at school and with the Pride. This is my third year on the Piedmont Pride and I have had many life changing experiences while being involved with the Pride. I once did a blog back in 2019 from a day experienced here in the DR. This one is about Friday, July 2nd 2021. We went to a girls orphanage with the team to surprise them and play with them. Reminder, I have been here before and experienced the orphanage previously. Going back, I was a little cautious and hesitant because there seemed to be a sense of uncomfortableness as I saw the young ladies who were held in the orphanage approach. The Lord revealed and reminded to me, “this is not about you, it’s about me. Now go and fellowship and show love and affection to these young orphans who deserve attention that they have never had from a male figure.” Whether they have been abused, or left unattended, etc. Basically God said get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Do not be ashamed or to prideful to use the talents I have given you to bring these kids closer to me. Once I recognized this, it was like a split second I looked down and a young girl by the name of Nikki who was 7 years old was locked hands with me and her head resting on my forearm. As I began to look around, the girls were so excited to see a male or father figure that they have never had actually be there for them. Each player has a testament to what happened to them that day as they made connections with these little girls. Despite the language barrier, as coach Hudak says, when you leave there today, those girls will know that you love them. I wish we never would have left because it is so heartbreaking to realize that these kids are in a situation that they cannot help and cannot get out of. I do not have kids and I can’t imagine having one and just disappearing or abusing God’s creation. These kids have a future and a plan that God has for them no matter what it may be consist of. But, I want to be the one who showed those little girls what the true love of God is so that somewhere along the line in their lifetime, they can make the greatest choice of all time and living life for him. I want that girl to one day be able to tell her children that back in 2021, an American college baseball player showed me love that comes from Christ. I’m so appreciative and grateful for what I have, for the parents I have who have cared for me and loved me and never abandoned me, but most of all, Jesus’ unconditional love. One other thing that comes to mind: when you leave the setting that you were in, make sure that you gave it your all to make them feel loved. Once the time is up with them, as a player I know I’m going to hop on a bus and come home to our villa and then the United States. They would do anything in the world to be able to come home with us and go somewhere else to get out. Once that gate closes behind us as we walk out and we turn around and see them reaching for us and screaming for us to come back, you better have made the best out of the opportunity. That gate click is the worst sound in the world.”
-Scottie Lee #22

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