Monday – July 11 – Zach Saufl

July 11, 2022

This trip has truly be UNREAL in every sense of the word. This trip has shown me so much of a world I only thought I knew. I thought the DR was just a third world country that produce great baseball players. But I got to see what the DR truly is, beautiful, tough hard working and God loving people this list goes on and on. Everywhere we went the people were friendly and truly genuine. Always waving and smiling no matter what they had or what they were going through. This trip has shown me how blessed we are in the states and everything we take for granted. After seeing what some of these people live with and live through it has truly change my perspective on how I live my life. I truly believe this trip has got me closer with the lord in so many different ways. As I just stated the has shown me how blessed I am with just having first world problems. Also I was able to due mission work which I have always planned on doing and I am able to cross that off my list. Another thing was I able to serve others as God calls his people to do. That’s was a truly awesome and it is something that I will never forget and never take that for granted. A key thing was I was able to pray for families which was a step in my faith I was scared of taking but I was able to do it and I’m so glad I did. Going into this trip I wasn’t sure how the Lord was going to speak to me or if he would but looking back he has. The Bible studies helped me grow in my faith with my teammates and gave me a chance to lead them which I’m so happy I was able to. Hearing Lincoln and Kike and Coach lead was pleasure and there was always something I could take away from them. The kids, I was able to impact was truly a amazing experience and honour. It was great to laugh, play, talk and learn from with everyone of them, there was never a bad moment or bad kid. I think they impacted me more then I did them. They showed me how to be grateful and how to have fun in the mist of tough time. They showed me how to truly love the game of baseball. One of the coolest part was I was able to experience all of this with good friends and even grow new life long friendships. Thank you DR this trip has truly shown me how to live for God and him only. 16 out.

Zach Saufl, #16
Vanguard U

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