July 21 – Bryce Frederick

July 23, 2023

Through prayer, actions, and the words of the Dominican people, my biggest takeaway from this trip is to take the time to say thank you.  The gratefulness, joy, and generosity of the people on this island are truly inspiring.

I first want to thank the Lord for making any of this possible.  He is “The Most Important Thing,” and I believe I am here with purpose at the perfect time in my life.  I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the faith and energy in the souls of the Dominican people, and I’ve realized if these people worship and believe with so much passion, there is no excuse for me and you to not do the same.

Thank you to the game of baseball.  Baseball knows no age and no language.  Neither does laughter.  Those points have both been proven to me yet again during all four games here… but I would’ve never been able to have these experiences without the game of baseball bringing me here in the first place.

Thank you to my new Kingsmen teammates.  You all have embraced me as ‘The Vet’ while hearing out my perspectives on the game, faith, and life.  You are all phenomenal young men and I’m excited to continue to watch the respective impacts you leave on the world beyond baseball.  This trip has been an incredible bonding experience and I hope it keeps us all intertwined for life.

Thank you to all of the children that have touched my heart in the last two weeks.  I hope you find your faith in your futures and endure everything that life throws at you.  Your wide eyes and bright smiles will live with me for longer than you’d ever know; you all make leaving this place difficult.

Thank you to all of the generous figures that effortlessly touch the lives of everyone around them.  Kike, (our translator) you are the most comical and infections human I’ve ever seen.  You are certainly one of the best men I’ve ever met.  Miguel, the island’s FCA leader; Claudia, a youth religious leader; the directors of the orphanages, daycares, churches, and facilities… thank you all for never straying from God’s path.  You are all inspiring difference makers.

And finally, thank you to Coach Hudak and his family.  Coach, you are a legend of not only the game of baseball but the game of life.  Watching you lead, organize, and create these experiences for us has been fantastic, and I hope you never feel that your efforts go thankless.  The work you do to create such a faithful environment is a pleasure to be around and I hope the fire that you’ve kindled into so many players’ hearts never fades.  To Logan and Callie, thank you for all that you have done behind the scenes.  Dealing with all of these personalities and events takes plenty of time, patience and energy.  You are two very genuine and wildly selfless individuals.  I hope to have the Hudak family in my life for a long time.

This trip has taught me so many things in faith, baseball, and life… with my biggest takeaways being to continue have genuine fun, exhibit genuine praise, and give genuine thanks.  God bless.

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