July 16 – Tyler Overholt

July 16, 2023

To start off I want to thank everyone who has made this trip possible! This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I don’t even know where to start, we have done so many amazing things here in the Dominican Republic. I have never seen so many smiles in my life. Having the opportunity to connect with the people here and spreading the Gospel is so special and rewarding. The people in the villages have faced many trials but still are the happiest people on this planet which is inspiring me to find joy in all circumstances. Each day continues to build on each other and I am amazed of what God is doing. I want to also give a huge thanks to Coach Hudak for creating this unbelievable program and giving guys like me this opportunity! I have grown tremendously in my faith this summer, while also growing as a player on the field too!

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