July 16 – Mikah Conner

July 16, 2023

“Today we went to church, and I enjoyed the music selection they had. I didn’t understand them but I recognized the songs they were singing. The congregation was really into the service and I enjoyed seeing them singing along with the musicians. I don’t have a favorite part of the trip so far since it’s all been really fun and motivational so far. The girl’s orphanage and boys’ orphanage were fun, and I had a lot of fun playing kickball with the girls and playing basketball with the boys. They were so happy even in their situation and made me think about how grateful I should be for what I have in my life. The trip to El Penon was an experience that I’m grateful to have. We gave away food bags to the families and started walking around praying for the different families. They were so thankful for our Lord, Jesus Christ, and they had amazing faith even with what they were going through. This showed me that I shouldn’t worry as much and trust in Him to keep doing things for me. Kike had asked for someone to pray for an elderly lady, and while he was asking I felt something compelling me to pray for her, which I did. I felt good after doing that and was appreciative of being allowed to do it. I’m thankful for the opportunity and experiences that Kingsmen has allowed me to have. I can’t wait to experience the rest of trip!

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