Friday – July 8 – Ryan Rouse

July 8, 2022

This trip has been nothing short of amazing. Every day has been something that I will never forget. Whether we were building a bathroom in the rain, or delivering food to families that desperately needed it. Today we played our third game against a team in Quisqueya. The team was made up of people of all different ages from 14 to 40. Every team we have played has been very talented and just plays with a love for the game. After the game we ate at a local chicken place that was so good, then headed off to Manuel house. Manuel house is a school for kids that are disadvantaged and for one reason or another can’t go to a regular public school. Everywhere we have gone we have been shown nothing but love. The Dominican Republic has been truly eye opening and I hope to be able to come back again in the future.

Ryan Rouse, #13

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