Monday – July 12 – Jared Szabo

July 12, 2021

Jarod Szabo, Pitcher
Georgia Southern University

My name is Jared Szabo and this is my first year with the Piedmont Pride. I go to Georgia Southern University and I am majoring in Construction Engineering. I will be a junior in the classroom but actually a freshman on the baseball field. I have had three knee surgeries over the last several years that have set me back temporarily and was blessed with the opportunity to be able to pitch again this summer. However, with as many surgeries as I have had, come many bumps in the road along the way, which I face again as I must rest my knee for a couple of weeks. This has not stopped me  from experiencing a once in a life time trip traveling with the Pride to the Dominican Republican. Baseball will not last forever but the life lessons that I have learned will. Experiencing how grateful  the people of the Dominican Republic are with out the great luxuries many of us have back in the states, has reminded just how little you need other than family, friends, and God. No matter where we go each day, the people are very happy and friendly. Life is what you make it to be and you can determine the outcome of your day by the way you approach it. My goal is to take this approach with me into the school year as often I take for granted the life I have been given. I can not thank my family and the coaches of this team for making this summer and trip possible

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