July 13 – Jack Davis

July 13, 2023

With this being my first ever trip to the Dominican Republic, the first three days have been completely eye opening. Today we spent the entire day hard at work putting a roof on our beloved friend and translator, Kike’s, house. It took six hours to complete, along with about 20,000 pounds or more of concrete. We love Kike! The past two days were filled with utmost love, happiness, and joy. Playing the kids from Paulino Academy was an opportunity I will never forget. Just being on the field and playing with those guys had to be the most fun I’ve had playing baseball since I was twelve. Just seeing the way those kids play hard at all times, makes me want to strive to practice and play like they do. Now, the girls orphanage was an experience I will never forget. Seeing how excited these girls were to see us put a smile on my face that never went away the entire time we were there. I will remember those girls for the rest of my life and hopefully I can make a trip back sometime. I am beyond thankful for my experiences so far and can’t wait for what’s to come this week!

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