Dominican Republic Blog-Day 8- Evan Mauldin, Pitcher, Appalachian State University

July 16, 2019

Waking up at 7:15 this morning, the first thing I noticed when I walked outside was how bright the sun was shining and how warm it was. Honestly, it felt like it was nearly noon and I starting wondering whether or not Coach Hudak let us sleep in later than he said he was going to. Anyways, we started the day off just like we should. A team bible study. Brooks lead it and picked a few other people to help out by reading some different versus in the Bible but the main story of the study was the story of Job. Which was a strong Christian man who God had allowed to be tested by the devil by taking everything he had. I think this really spoke to everyone on the team personally because being an athlete, at some point, someone has probably has something stripped away from them that they had worked hard to gain and had been blessed with. Next, we ate yet another amazing breakfast. After breakfast, we almost immediately hopped on the bus and headed out for our game. The bus rides on this trip have been some of our best bonding opportunities. Whether it’s playing mafia or talking about conspiracy theories or even just cracking jokes, the bus rides are something I will not take for granted. We arrive to the field and the first thing I notice is how many kids are there. What seemed like hundreds of them. Some of them were warming up, some were just running around chasing each other and the others were sitting in the stands and talking. But there was one thing that all of them had in common. They were all so excited to see us and to see the game of baseball. That really humbled me and made me realize just how fun the game of baseball is and how much joy it brings to peoples lives. So we play the game and won by a comfortable margin but after we all sat in a group together and Coach Hudak shared some of his background and explained what Pride baseball was and I think that those kids were really locked in to what coach was saying. After this, we made our way back to the house and had lunch and soon after made our way to a boys orphanage. When we got there I noticed that it was much nicer than the girls orphanage. So we got a tour of it and I noticed there wasn’t many boys there at that time. After the tour we played some kick ball and then the boys started coming in. We played a little basketball and called it a day. We then went from there back to the house and had an amazing dinner and had our nightly wrap-up and devotional. Overall it was a very successful, fun and humbling day just like all the rest have been.

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