Dominican Republic Blog-Day 3- Robert Satcher, Infielder, USC-Lancaster

July 8, 2019

The past few days in the Dominican Republic have been an unbelievable experience. Leading up to the trip, I continually prayed that the people would receive the good news of Jesus with open hearts and that we would be a blessing to the people here. Once again (this being my second year on the trip), I fully believe that the people here are the ones leaving a lasting impact on us.One memory that will stick with me for the rest of my life was the time we spent in Quisqueya on Saturday. We were driving around the city and stopped at a poor village to deliver food to a household. When I got off the bus, a five year old boy ran up and grabbed my hand. We walked a few hundred yards and came upon a small house made of tin and sticks. As I ducked into the house and squeezed in with the rest of the team, we were told that this tiny home slept seven children and two grandparents. The family received the food with grateful hearts and they were so glad that we came. Before we left, we bowed our heads and prayed for the family. When we went to exit the home, the seven children were all lined against the wall. As I high-fived each kid, they lit up with a smile from ear to ear and I realized that these children were filled with joy although they had so little. Jesus tells us that we must be like children to enter the kingdom of heaven, and on Saturday I saw a glimpse of what He meant.When we were walking back to the bus in Quisqueya, a three year old boy yelled inside the house to his brother as he saw us walking by on the streets. David, Richard’s brother, told us that the boy yelled “Look! Look! They are the angels of God! They are here to help us!” When I heard that, it made my entire week. Not because they thought so highly of us but because the people of Quisqueya have hope. The Dominican children look up to us like we are heroes, but they have no idea that we walk away asking the Lord to teach us to be more like them. They are content with what little they have, they love life, and they have hope in what is to come. What a blessing it has been for our entire team to be around these people.- Robert Satcher

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