Dominican Republic Blog- Day 12- Scottie Lee, Infielder, Mars Hill University

July 23, 2019

Scottie Lee

So far throughout my short time here in the Dominican Republic, I have seen many new things that have really opened my eyes. We have done quite a few activities over the past couple of days, but I want to take the time to talk about how special the first day was to me. We went to a little daycare called Hogar Del Niño. When the Pride first pulled up in the bus we could see the excitement on all the kids faces as if we were superstars. As we entered the daycare they let all of the kids out of their classrooms and run to the middle of the camp where all the games are played. As I could see all the smiles on their faces I knew it was going to be a good time. We played probably 5 or 6 different games with them as we interacted with each kid and were competitively having fun. Towards the end we divided up into groups and they gave us paint/ paint brushes to paint the kids faces. As i was painting on the kids it quickly turned on me and all of the kids started to paint me, they were not even using brushes, they used their hands. I was a walking masterpiece and could be sold in an art show it seemed like. Seeing all of the guys all painted up was so funny and we ran around with the kids and threw them in the air. After the older kids we went to the toddlers and played in the playpen with them. It was such a moveable moment for me because I saw the little things that made them so happy. It really showed me how spoiled we are in America when the littlest things upset us and we always want more. These kids just have a smile on their face all the time because they are thankful for what they have. It makes me feel kind of guilty, but it also shows me how blessed I am to live in a country with such freedom and to have what we have there. I can’t really put into words on the impact it made on my life, it is one of those things that has to be a personal experience which has a deeper meaning. All I can say is how much joy it brought to me and my teammates to play with the little Dominican babies/kids. This is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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